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coLAB Studio

Tempe, Arizona

As you may know, yesterday (June 8th) marked the 144th anniversary of the birth of the late architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Among architectural circles, Wright is regarded as arguably the greatest American architect of all time with over 500 completed works and as the founder of the Prairie School movement of architecture.  Wright’s legacy has also been cemented with his design school at Taliesin West, which was founded in 1937 and also served as Wright’s winter home.  Many of his iconic works were conceptualized at Taliesin, most notably the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.  Today’s Featured Firm has planted its roots in nearby Tempe, under 20 miles from the Taliesin West campus: coLAB Studio!

Founded in 1999 by Matthew and Maria Salenger, coLAB is a “cooperative-laboratory (co-lab) for art and architecture with experience in architecture, installation, and public art.” As a firm that prides itself on its multidisciplinary capabilities, coLAB has employed a rather unorthodox staff of artists, architectural interns, and even a poet — their coalition may be small, but it is undoubtedly powerful.  Much like its Taliesin counterpart, coLAB is intrinsically linked to the natural elements; however, the style in which their art and architectural work is executed is all their own.  The beautiful and modern Cedar Street Residence is a prime example of coLAB’s approach to sustainability, employing operable shades, high-efficiency glazing, and greenery to mitigate the harsh Tempe climate.

For more of this fantastic firm’s portfolio, please visit the coLAB Studio website — the firm has no discernible social media presence as of yet, but we’ll keep you updated in the event coLAB decides to grace the ranks of Facebook or Twitter.

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