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Claire Latchem (AKA Superfex)

Frome, United Kingdom

This past April, a metal detectorist by the name of Dave Crisp came upon the mother lode: a ceramic cache of over 50,000 bronze Roman coins from the 2nd century A.D.  Historically, the lode was one of the largest of its kind and has reignited the passions of thousands of treasure-hungry beachcombers with aspirations of unfathomable riches; however, the particulars of the find are of no discernable interest to today’s feature (per usual, haha!).  The only connection is the treasure (as determined by the Treasure Valuation Committee) was discovered in Frome, England: home of today’s design treasure, Claire Latchem AKA Superfex.

Drawing inspiration from a plethora of design industries to include character design, animation, street art, photography, and tattoo design, Superfex has cultivated a design aesthetic that has been described as “‘cute yet professional”.  The 22-year old illustrator’s imaginative and well-executed characters have been sought after by a wide variety of corporate and independent entities, contributing to her ever-growing portolio of work.  To make a long story short — if Superfex’s character’s were real, tangible creatures, we would be unable to fight the urge to hug them.  With an expanding client base and many years of design to come, we at Ballista Magazine expect great things from this treasure from across the pond!

In addition to her fantastic website, Claire/Superfex’s work can also be found on deviantArt. the Behance Network, Flickr, and Twitter!  According to her, the work is best viewed with a “cool glass of milk”; however, we at Ballista Magazine are of the opinion that her work is great with or without — a little extra calcium never hurts, though!  Cheers.

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