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Civic Center

New Orleans, Louisiana

Based in New Orleans and founded by Candy Chang and James Reeves, Civic Center is an urban design agency that works to make cities more comfortable for its inhabitants.  According to their website,

“Civic Center blends art, design, education, research, and urban planning to create spaces and tools that help people navigate their cities and improve their neighborhoods. We believe that public spaces should inspire conversation, make the machinery of the city more accessible, and restore a sense of dignity to the public realm.”

Despite the firm’s relative youth (it was founded in 2010), Civic Center has produced multiple public art installations under the direction of James, Candy, and their talented staff designers Kristina Kassem and Alan Williams.  Ballista Magazine has featured literally hundreds of graphic designers, street artists, and installation designers since its inception, but perhaps none with the civic and environmental agenda 0f this firm.

Ballista Magazine has never been much of a “soapbox publication”, but we can’t resist praising the power of the message delivered in the public works of Civic Center.  In our increasingly technological society, human interaction is slowly deteriorating to the ranks of “likes”, “pokes”, “follows”, and “+1s”.  The installations of Civic Center inspire citizen participation and imbue interaction in the public sphere.  Not only do these installation attempt to fill the current social void, they also inject life into blighted pockets of the public domain.  Their projects are beautiful, well-crafted, and socially inspired…

For more information on this fantastic civic design studio, please be sure to visit the Civic Center website, Facebook, and Twitter feeds.  Civic Center also maintains a webshop with a few items related to some of their most notable public works.

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