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Christian San Jose

Pasig, Phillipines

1989 was a good year.  The ’80s were coming to a close, authoritarianism was falling prey to a wave of revolutions in the Eastern Bloc, and my home town teams of the Detroit Pistons and the Michigan Wolverines won the NBA and NCAA basketball championships respectively.  On the other hand, 1989 was not such a great year for some:  Exxon Valdez caused a bit of a mess into the Prince William Sound, north African countries became subject to extreme famines, and MGM Studios opened its doors at Walt Disney World (ZING! Just kidding, we love Disney…).  Our featured face, Christian San Jose, was born in the midst of political turmoil in his home country of the Phillipines, as 1989 marked one of the most violent coup d’etats against former president Corazon Aquino by the Armed Forces of the Phillipines.  Not exactly a breeding ground for design, but San Jose managed to succeed nonetheless.

Christian San Jose uses the moniker “CSJ89” for a majority of his e-representation — why, you ask?  We cannot say for sure; however, it is most likely due to the fact that this talented artist was born in 1989, which puts him at a mere 20 years of age!  Despite being our youngest featured face by far, CSJ is one of the most talented illustrators featured by Ballista Magazine (an esteemed group by any standard).  His work is masterful in execution and concept, pushing the envelope of design even among the most foward-thinking of cultural and artistic institutions.  While Christian is versed in graphic design, web design, branding/identity, and illustration, we at Ballista feel his strongest skill set resides in his illustration portfolio.  Take a look below and decide for yourself!

We at Ballista Magazine are hesitant to even provide any links to more of CSJ’s work because to be completely honest, it will just lead to more self-deprication.  On the other hand, it is our mission and duty as a design showcase to inform you that more of his work can be found on TwitterFacebook, and Flickr.  What more can be said about this 20-year old phenom?  We’d propose a toast, but he is not of legal drinking age in the United States — 1989 was a good year.

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