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CHRIST.CHRIST. Associated Architects

Weisbaden, Germany

CHRIST.CHRIST. Associated Architects is a fourth-generation family business specializing in architecture, planning, and design. The company was founded in 1898 by Karl Christ Sr. in Wiesbaden, Germany, and is now under the leadership of Gerhard and Roger Christ, the third and fourth generations of the Christ family, respectively.

For years CHRIST.CHRIST. has followed a simple guiding principle. “The quality of our built environment has an essential influence on the quality of our life.” This mandate has informed scores of projects over the years, including administration and industrial buildings, residences, interior design, and even energy consultancy projects. This commitment can also be seen in the importance the company places on social responsibility. Developing new projects with a focus on sustainability, conserving resources, and ecological design, and updating their past projects to reflect these modern ideals.

The company’s work has been published in Dwell and many German publications, including Arkitektur, Deutsche Bauzeitung, and Hauser. The firm has also been featured on designboom. You can view more from the CHRIST.CHRIST. portfolio on the company’s website, and the company can also be found on Facebook.

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