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Chris Parks & Pale Horse Design

St. Petersburg, Florida

Various tales of lore recount a story where founders John C. Williams and Peter Demens flipped a coin to see who would have the honor of naming their newly-founded city.  Peter Demens, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia won the coin toss and honored his birthplace with a new city of the same name — St. Petersburg, Florida.  In the loser’s bracket, Mr. Williams was awarded the monumentally less-glamorous task of naming the city’s first hotel: the Detroit Hotel.  While it would appear neither of these gentleman were brimming with creativity, their namesakes are still thriving and vital components of the city’s identity.  Today’s feature pulls no punches in the creative department, excelling as a graphic designer and illustrator.  Representing the Sunshine City, Ballista Magazine is proud to feature Chris Parks and his independent graphic design/illustration studio, Pale Horse Design.

Chris Parks graduated with a degree in graphic and interactive communication from the Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota.  After a 4-year stint as a graphic design director for the reputable Robrady Design Studio Mr. Parks ventured out on his own, establishing the Pale Horse Design Studio in 2006.  With an impressive client list that includes global icons such as Nike, Hasbro, Vans, Etnies, Globe, Red Bull, Mattel, and the Cartoon Network, Chris has demonstrated his artistic versatility through his production of visually-jarring yet elegant work.  More importantly, Mr. Parks has a painstakingly enviable beard which we assume is loaded with the most forward design concepts in the state of Florida.

Find more of Mr. Park and Pale Horse Design on their website, Facebook, Twitter and the Behance Network.  Chris has listed a variety of additional avenues for contact on his site, but we thought we’d let you check those out on your own.   Should you find yourself on a balmy walk on the shores of Florida’s gulf coast, we at Ballista Magazine would encourage you to set up an appointment to check out the Pale Horse Gallery.  That’s all for today, folks — and remember, great design is “Always in Season”.  Yes, another corny St. Petersburg pun…I apologize.

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