Houston House, Interior

Portfolio Preview

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Chris Nguyen / Analog|Dialog

Houston, Texas

Chris Nguyen describes himself thusly, “Artist by education, graphic designer by trade, interior designer by night, mid-century modernist by addiction, incomplete sentences by intention.” Hailing from Houston, Texas, Chris truly brings a diverse set of skills and interests to the table. His work is equally varied, and he has found success in print, digital, interior, and advertising projects.

The diversity of Chris’s experiences and passions are an asset to his work. Chris’s projects are characterized by a sensitivity to the medium, but at the same time you can sense his willingness to experiment and incorporate his interests and skills. Chris is a relatively young designer (having graduated from University of Texas at Austin in 2004 with an advertising degree). In his portfolio one can see the designer’s skill and creativity increase on each project. His print work influences his digital work, which in turn influences his interior work and so on. Lessons learned are not soon forgotten. For example, in 2010 Chris won Apartment Therapy’s Small, Cool design contest by submitting his own residence. He followed that up with Houston House, his first professional foray into interior design, and the project was a smashing success.

Chris Nguyen has been featured in CMYK Magazine, won several Houston Addy Awards and a Houston Lantern Award for Annual Report Design. You can view more of Chris’s work at analogdialog.com. Chris also maintains a blog and Flickr photostream.

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