Catherine Bourdon, g'erme

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Catherine Bourdon

Melbourne, Australia

Catherine Bourdon is a Canadian creative who currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, and she is seeking new career opportunities. Catherine specializes in print, branding, packaging and green design. She has experience as an art director and graphic designer at several Canadian firms, including Java Communications and Sid Lee. Bourdon has also worked as a freelance designer since 2003.

Catherine studied Fine Arts at Champlain College Lennoxville in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and Graphic Design at Dawson College in Westmount, Quebec. She later received a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from UQÀM in Montreal. Post-graduation, and during her aforementioned professional career, Catherine produced an impressive portfolio of design. Her work has been featured on numerous websites and in the publications Eco Lifestyle 2009 and Infopresse Magazine.

g’erme is a project that demonstrates Catherine’s talent for packaging and green design. g’erme is essentially the next generation seed packet, an evolved cousin of the simple seed packet found in hardware stores. g’erme arrives as a flat envelope, but it unfolds into a pot complete with a small quantity of soil that can be used to germinate the seeds. After the plants begin to grow the entire g’erme package can be planted in the garden, eventually degrading and providing nourishment for the growing plants. g’erme will be available in specialty stores in 2012 and at that time you can learn more about this exciting project here:

In the gallery bellow we have selected some of our favorite work from Catherine Bourdon’s portfolio, but there is more to be seen on her website. If you are seeking a freelance designer, or need an experienced art director in the Melbourne-area you would do well to contact Catherine.


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