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Carney Logan Burke

Jackson, Wyoming

Carney Logan Burke  is a full service architectural firm that was established in 1992 by John Carney.  Led by Carney and now partners Eric Logan and Kevin Burke, CBL has grown to a small yet powerful contingent of 20 staff architects.  According to their website, the firm’s design mantra centers around “using insights gained from practicing in the extreme environment of the Rocky Mountain West” and “advocates simple, honest building solutions that derive from and respond to their specific sites.”  That mantra has served the firm well, especially given their designation as the American Institute of Architects Western Mountain Region Firm of the Year in 2009.

What distinguishes CBL from the competition is its ability to design within a certain regional aesthetic without being contrived or cliche.  The natural landscapes of Jackson and its surrounding areas suggest an architectural dialect that Carney Logan Burke works within, but is not restricted by.  Even more impressive is the ability to maintain an architectural beauty whilst surrounded by landscapes that are among the most beautiful in America.  Often times, architectural works in these select regions pale in comparison; however, CBL’s portfolio stands on its own legs and even accentuates those desirable elements of the natural landscape.

One example of this would be the project showcased in our featured image above, the Performing Arts Pavilion
Center for the Arts
.  The project was actual a collaboration with Stephen Dynia Architects and plays host to a campus of over twenty local arts and education organizations.  This poetically-composed building was the recipient of a 2008 Merit Award (AIA Wyoming) and a 2007 Merit Award (AIA Western Mountain Region) and functions extremely well as a performance venue without compromising the offers of the landscape.  It is a truly fantastic project and worthy of every bit of acclaim.

Please visit the Carney Logan Burke website for additional projects, diagrams, and drawings of their amazing portfolio.  And even though the firm is located in the natural wonderlands of Wyoming, the firm is tech-savvy with their social media profile on Facebook.  Be sure to “Like” the firm and show your support — Ballista Magazine wishes you an excellent weekend and we’ll be back on Monday with another design feature!




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