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Canvas Group

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Nestled on the eastern shore of New South Wales, Australia, lies a city that is known around the world for a single building. The Jørn Utzon-designed Sydney Opera House is one of the iconic buildings of the 20th century and the de facto symbol of Sydney and to some extent Australia as a country. From our viewpoint it is fitting that Sydney is known by this landmark design, because the Sydney metropolitan area is home to a diverse group of talented designers and firms. As fate would have it we have one such firm for your review today.

The Canvas Group is a “a tightly-knit group of curious and enterprising individuals, the sort of people who turn things over just to see the other side and who are always reassessing just what the ‘right solution’ may be.” The story behind how this tight-knit team came to be is an interesting one. Prior to founding Canvas Group Jorge Castillo had worked in many different advertising, design and web agencies. In fact, Jorge had 13 different positions under his belt and in late 2002 he was tiring of his current position… so he quit. In May 2003 Mazda approached Jorge and his wife to create a press kit for the Mazda 3. Soon after they learned that Rose was pregnant and their shared home office would soon become a nursery. The pair found a studio in the city and Canvas Group was born.

Their creative agency has grown to include a business director, studio manager, and a handful of graphic and interactive designers. The Canvas Group has been incredibly productive working on over 3,000 projects. The agency has also been incredibly successful, bringing home more design awards than the studio’s shelves can possible hold. The agency’s recent website for the Sydney-based architecture firm, Fox Johnston, has garnered three awards already and it just launched months ago. You can find the project on the AWWWards, CSS Winner, and The Best Designs.

It would be impossible to accurate depict the Canvas Group’s massive portfolio in our gallery below. Be sure to check out the agency’s website for an accurate representation. You can also follow the agency on Twitter @canvasgroup and via Facebook.


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