Bud Rodecker - Printervention Poster, with John Pobojewski

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Bud Rodecker

Chicago, Illinois

In addition to his collaborative venture with John Pobojewski, Tinne Van Loon and Rick Valicenti of Thirst, Bud Rodecker is a self-described “graphic designer, photographer, artist, thinker, talker, and jokester”.  His work, however, is no laughing matter…Bud has some serious chops and a shelf of design awards including a 2009 Graphis Platinum Award and an award from the STA Chicago Design Archive (2009 & 2010).  After graduation from the University of Minnesota-Duluth’s school of graphic design in 2007, Bud came to the Windy City to begin his design career at 3st (pronounced Thirst).

The 3st collective has been featured in dozens of exhibitions over the past decade, most recently in the TypeForce2 exhibition — several of Bud’s pieces from his RicharDaily project were prominently featured in the exhibition.  Ballista Magazine is captivated by this project in particular, in which Bud completes one piece of artwork daily for the entire year of 2010.  The projects span a variety of styles and media, but Bud’s devotion to his craft and willingness to experiment with his artwork keeps the project unique yet coherent.

For more of Bud’s work and miscellaneous associations, awards, etc., please be sure to visit his websiteFlickr, and/or Dribbble, and/or Twitter accounts.  Please also check out the 3st design collective, one of Bud’s collaborative ventures with John PobojewskiTinne Van Loon and Rick Valicenti.  To quote Bud’s Printervention work, “give a s***, do some good!” …we’ll be back tomorrow (same time, same place).




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