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Brock Davis

Based in Minneapolis, Brock Davis is an artist and musician currently working as the the creative director at Carmichael Lynch in the Mill City.  From his artist statement:  “Not limiting himself to advertising, Brock’’s talents span music, drawing, graphic design, writing, works of art both serious and absurd, and a killer instinct for video games. The one constant is an exceptional track record for transforming humor and insights into work that gets a reaction.”  Good enough for us!

From a commercial standpoint Brock’s industry is advertising, but it is his design work outside of advertising that is most appealing to us at Ballista.  His portfolio features a variety of self-initiated micro-installation projects that result in variations of a “study model” (our words, not his)…almost a polished, tangible manifestation of a concept that has no reason to be carried any further but is incredibly fun nonetheless.  For example, his Gummybear Rug, Twinkie circuitry, and Broccoli House projects: in these projects, Brock has created actual models of the silly, random ideas that most people keep to themselves with a small, internal chuckle.   The levity of these micro projects are refreshing and fun, but still make a conceptual statement as a reactionary design exercise and for that, we thank you!

For more of Brock’s work, make sure to check out his website and Twitter feeds for his most recent work and musings.  As you can probably guess from the trainwreck of an attempted explanation in the preceding paragraph(s), this particular artist description was no easy task — it was actually one of the more difficult features to put into words.  For this reason, we’d like to go on record and say that we are incredibly appreciative of Brock’s work, subject matter, and want to see much, much more.


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