Brian Hurst - Wedding Save-The-Date

Portfolio Preview

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Brian Hurst & The Quiet Society

Anaheim, California

Brian Hurst is a graphic designer and illustrator hailing from the happiest place on Earth and the home of Disneyland: Anaheim, California.  While Anaheim and its burgeoning Platinum Triangle neighborhood is one of the fastest growing city centers in the country at the forefront of technology, Brian’s work maintains a quiet nostalgia that oozes style and class.

Brian’s portfolio features outstanding work in logo design, branding/identity, and illustration, weaving brilliant combinations of typography and graphic elements into rich tapestries of print collateral, most notably in his personal works.  The featured image at the left is a save-the-date for his wedding, which incorporated a variety of non-traditional elements in a historically rigid and formal design exercise.  This departure from the current industry trends is not an isolated instance — in a world trending towards the sleek and modern, Brian’s “stressed” logo treatments are refreshing and unique.  See for yourself!

Brian is extremely well-represented on a variety of social media outlets, so be sure to visit his DribbbleTwitter, and Designspiration pages if The Quiet Society website or his blog, Fashionably Quiet, isn’t satisfying your needs.  Ballista wishes our audience a merry Friday and a merrier weekend; we’ll be back in full force on Monday!

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