BBB - Three Sixty

Portfolio Preview

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New York City, New York

Hailing from New York City, BoyBurnsBarn is a graphic design studio with a penchant for pushing the limits of design.  Their outstanding portfolio of work has been recognized by a who’s-who of national and international design authorities, including but not limited to Communication Arts, HOW Magazine, HOW publications, Step Magazine 100, Graphis, The Rebrand 100, and the Webby Awards.

As evidenced by the wide spectrum of work in their portfolio, it is abundantly apparent that BBB is able to produce a wide variety of extremely high-quality design collateral in a variety of media.  What we at Ballista find most impressive is the array of, for lack of a better term, tschotskes that somehow imbue the identity of their owner client.  The featured image to the left is a prime example: a simple, elegant, and tactile steel menu tent that creates an experience that sets the Three Sixty apart from its competitors.  The beautiful, yet functional miscellanea that appear in so many of BBB’s projects are truly exceptional.

To say that the provided portfolio is a mere scratch of BBB’s portfolio is to say that the Grand Canyon is a hole in Arizona.  There is a wealth of additional information on BoyBurnBarns’ website and Tumblr pages, so visit them if you like what you see — BBB also carries a Twitter page, but hasn’t updated in some time.  Let’s give them some love/follow/likes and get the conversation going again!


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