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Danville, California

Located in the beautiful San Fransisco Bay region, Bold is a web design and development studio that can tackle a wide variety of projects.

In a web studio, a mark of excellence is high quality design paired with rock-solid development skills. Bold has both in spades. The studio can handle your standard HTML/CSS/JS development, and more advanced coding like CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine, and Rails. Concept development, information architecture, and user experience are also skillfully handled by Bold.

Noah Stokes and Garrett St. John founded Bold in 2010 on the following beliefs.

  • the customer is always right.
  • that our users should have the same experience, no matter what the browser.
  • the right tool for the job is the one that provides the best long term solution.
  • in doing good work, and doing it right.
  • that your goals, are our goals.
  • that if we’re not the right studio for your project, we’ll let you know.

There is very little that Bold doesn’t do, so be sure to check them out.

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