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Bobby McKenna

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The 4-1-1 of 4/11: on this day 46 years ago, the Palm Sunday Tornado outbreak (47 tornadoes in 24 hours!) ravaged the American midwest, killing 271 people and doing untold financial and emotional damage in the process.  While today’s Featured Face is decidedly less destructive, his tour de force through the ranks of design both stateside and abroad has been equally furious.  A well-traveled vagrant of the international design/illustration landscape, Mr. Bobby McKenna has settled in Philadelphia, PA long enough to warrant a Ballista Magazine showcase!  Without further ado…

A recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame‘s College of Arts & Letters, Bobby McKenna is a fantastically talented designer and illustrator currently collaborating with the British firm Supernice on web and print projects.  In addition to this most recent endeavor, Mr. McKenna also has experience with with ActionBooks (Book Designer), Innovation Park (Design Intern), and a variety of design responsibilities through Notre Dame’s internal events and film department(s).  His work is fresh, innovative, and not at all restricted by the perceived constructs of Notre Dame’s historic reputation.  The levity Bobby brings to the drafting table is cause enough for a feature — that levity, coupled with second-to-none execution and excellent conceptual clarity, results in the incredibly diverse and polished portfolio evidenced in the gallery below.  He may be “green” in the design industry, but you’d never know…we expect GREAT things from this up-and-comer in the near and distance future!

While this talented illustrator is currently in Philadelphia, we can’t expect him to stay there long!  To keep abreast of Mr. McKenna’s professional and personal whereabouts, make sure to check in on his personal websiteDribbble, and/or Twitter pages.  In that same vein, we at Ballista Magazine have a slate of new programs/initiatives to be launched in the near future as well, so stay tuned to our social media feeds for more information!  Have a stress-free and productive Monday, all!


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