Bill Brown, Pixelated New Orleans Homes

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Bill Brown

Boston, Massachusettts

Bill Brown is an interesting designer and artist who currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Bill has been working with AmeriCorps for the past two years. Throughout 2010, Bill was located in New Orleans, Louisiana, working at a community resource center. And now Bill is living in Boston and creating info-graphics and design for AmeriCorps. Prior to working with AmeriCorps, Bill could be found an artist residency in Greensboro, North Carolina, called Elsewhere, or at a fellowship at Wake Forest University.

Bill Brown’s work straddles the nebulous line that divides fine art from graphic design.  Bill refers to his artistic work as project-based. Rather than label himself as a projectionist or video artist he prefers to change his medium to suit each project. So far Bill has mounted projection, video, object-based, and collaborative art projects.  On the design side, Bill has nice portfolio of web designs and experimental projects. These experimental projects, such as Pixelated New Orleans Homes and duels, allow Bill the freedom to explore new development techniques and user interfaces. From our vantage point on the outside it is interesting to see Bill grow as a designer and developer through these projects.

One of the most interesting projects that Bill has mounted is a year end recap video where he discusses wins and loses from the past year while getting his hair cut. This type of chatter often occurs in barbershops and salons, but it occurs without note. It also seems (without having watched every video) that Bill chooses to get his haircut and discuss the past year in the time between finishing a job/project and starting a new endeavor, so there is a ceremonial aspect to these wrap-ups as well. Regardless, it is interesting that Bill has chosen to invite the world at large into this introspective event.

A complete review of Bill Brown’s work is available on his website, and links to his experimental web projects can be found there. This artist/design can also be found an number of the social platforms of the day, including Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and of course Vimeo.

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