Trey and Jenny Laird’s Revamped Manhattan Brownstone

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Bilhuber and Associates

New York, New York

My husband and I recently moved into a home built in 1930, and I was curious to see if our newer, modern furniture would flow with the style of our house and our hand-me-down, traditional furniture. I was happy to see that it all seems to work together. My confidence was further boosted, when I recently came across an interior designer in the latest issue of Architectural Digest who specializes in combining both contemporary and traditionalism together.

Jeffrey Bilhuber is an interior designer based in New York. His design firm, Bilhuber and Associates, has been designing both residential and hospitality projects since 1984.

Bilhuber was featured in Architectural Digest for his design of an old Manhattan town home built in 1870 (pictured, left). He combined the modern and diverse furnishings of the family with the classical architecture of the building.

Bilhuber does not take away from the older styles of the structure, fixtures, and furniture; he actually emphasizes each piece. He is very confident in all his designs whether bold or subtle. He has bold red curtains that match the sofa directly underneath, and wall paper that is the same pattern and color as the furniture. This helps to double the size of the room. He also hangs modern artwork next to older artwork which creates an interesting contrast. He was quoted on his website as saying, “we’re only as modern as our past,” and this can be seen throughout many of his works.

As a new homeowner and fairly recent graduate in interior design, I am very impressed with Bilhuber’s confidence in combining two different styles. He does not necessarily “play by the rules” when it comes to modernism and traditionalism, which can be difficult to pull off.

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