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Big New Ideas

Providence, Rhode Island

Big New Ideas is a uniquely situated creative agency, and not just because of the nature of its bi-coastal operations. Big New Ideas was founded by Aaron Perry-Zucker and Tino Chow to “help forward-thinking businesses and organizations start conversations, communicate effectively, and activate community.”  In this regard, Perry-Zucker and Chow are taking aim at problems much larger than designing a new logo or laying out a webpage; ratjer, the pair believe that design can, and should, be the answer to everything.  Max Slavkin, a community organizer, activist, and third member of the Big New Ideas team, comes in handy when the answers are community-oriented.

A variety of clients, including Procter & Gamble and Rhode Island School of Design, have all discovered that the community focus of Big New Ideas generates positive outcomes. Humanity Calls, a social network platform for non-profit organizations, raised $75,000 in its first campaign, under the direction of Big New Ideas. Coro New York, A Better World by Design, and venture caplitalist, Josh Becker, have also tapped the agency for their community expertise.

The agency’s website looks like it may need an update, but we’re going to attribute that to the demand for these three individual’s time and expertise. If you check out the agency’s Facebook page you will find they are currently engaged in several community-oriented projects. One of these, 1200 Posters, is a limited-edition print series that explores “the power of community, collaboration, and conversation.”  Previous feature Victo Ngai designed the project’s third installment but alas, it’s sold out! Big New Ideas is also on Twitter @bignewideas if that happens to be your preferred social community.

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