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Bernardes + Jacobsen Architecture

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It can now be said that Twilight is everywhere!  Recently, when reading about an architectural firm, The Twilight Saga movies came up; this architectural group designed the home where the honeymoon for Bella and Edward takes place in the latest installment of the Twilight Saga movies.  Brazilian firm Bernardes + Jacobsen Architecture designed this vacation home for a wealthy businessman and his family to go to on the weekends.

Bernardes + Jacobsen is a third generation architecture group with over one thousand projects to their names.  They have offices in both Rio de Janero and São Paulo. They focus mainly on residential projects, but also practice commercial design.  Their residential homes are very contemporary in style and tropical in location.  The influence for their modern-tropical aesthetic is the local fisherman huts and the simple, natural materials used in their construction.  The group utilizes many of Brazil’s natural timber and resources in the construction of their projects.

What draws me to Bernardes + Jacobsen Architecture is their ability to bring the outdoors into a physical space and in some cases, literally.  They achieve this by surrounding the main floor of a residence with windows that can easily be opened and doors that pivot outward, along with skylights to access as much sunlight as possible.   The group has even placed tree planters inside some homes that can reach up to the ceiling.

Most of their residential projects are very secluded and private, which is why the producers of Twilight picked one of their homes as a location for the movie.  The actual owners, remember the businessman and his family, have to drive three hours from their primary residence then jump on a boat to get to this vacation home.

You can visit Bernardes + Jacobsen’s website to learn more and view their portfolio.

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