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Be Nice + Supermandolini

Thessaloniki, Greece

I think its fairly obvious why a full service design firm with the international reputation of Be Nice would locate themselves in a city like Thessaloniki, Greece; the reason is, of course, that it is incredibly fun to say.  The-ssa-lo-niki!  Just lovely.  Headquartered in the second largest city in Greece and former co-capital of the Byzantine Empire, Be Nice was established in 2005 and has become a leader in the fields of typography, logo design, web design/development, corporate identity, illustration, and photography.

There is very little description about the firm’s origins, staff, philosophy, and history.  While this may be a product of their relative infancy (having only been in business for 6 years), Be Nice cites their primary objective as the communication of messages through images.  This objective is clearly apparent in the structure of the company’s website, which heavily favors the image over description.  With a diverse and impressive body of professional work, Be Nice has positioned themselves among the leaders in European graphic design.

It’s definitely not all business, though.  When the rigors of the office environment begin to wear on their morale, the staff of Be Nice escapes to their “playground”; a subsidiary company called Supermandolini (another incredibly fun word to say).  Supermandolini was established in 2007 as a think tank that executes the unrealized ambitions of its parent company.  Specializing in apparel, accessories, product design, and print, Supermandolini is the yin to Be Nice’s yang.  If you are ever in Greece, make sure to drop by their office;  if you do not have the means, I’m sure a quick visit to their website will do!  Supermandolini can also be found on Facebook.


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