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Lille, France

AMOSE is an exceptional artist from Lille, France whose work exhibits a beautiful exploration and artistic exploitation of the human form.  Born in 1979, AMOSE was classically trained in illustration and graphic design at the St. Luc Institute in Belgium — a technical base that has served him more than adequately in his various artistic endeavors.

AMOSE’s work is characterized by a geometric patternization of the human form…I may have just made up that particular form of the verb but I think its as, if not more appropriate than any legitimate word I’ve come across.  The artist takes the organic composition of the human form in all its variations and distills its complexities to recognizable shapes and patterns, resulting in a unique style that is reminiscent of abstract aboriginal artwork — a type of anthropomorphic compilation of shapes, colors, and patterns.  This approach lends itself to a variety of media, including illustration, screen printing, and painting.

AMOSE currently shares a workspace with four other artists who collectively form Mercurocrom…while his personal website is currently under construction, you can see more of his work on Fotolog or his Flickr photostream.  We realize we’ve been a bit MIA lately with the site reconstruction (still in progress), but thanks for sticking with us and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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