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Ah&Oh Studio

Pozan, Poland

There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding packaging design. Starbucks recently updated their logo and packaging to critical acclaim, and disdain. And the grey cloud hanging over the failed Tropicana redesign is still out there on the horizon. One of the challenging, and certainly frustrating, aspects of packaging design is this: when a package is well designed users takes it for granted. The public is never in a frenzy over well-designed packaging. If the public is worked up there’s almost certainly something wrong.

From our standpoint the packaging for Babees Honey (pictured above) is worth having a positive frenzy over. The packaging was designed by Ah&Oh Studio, a design agency located in Poznan, Poland, halfway between Berlin and Warsaw. Magda Katek and Kamil Jerzykowski graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in 2005. They spent a few years freelancing together, and then founded Ah&Oh Studio in 2008. The name Ah&Oh refers to the designers themselves. Magda is responsible for the visuals, or art (Ah), and Kmail is the idea generator, or head (Oh). Pretty clever.

The duo have produced several exciting packaging concepts (in addition to Babees Honey), which you can see in the gallery below. Magda and Kamil also tackle graphic design, visual communication, identity, branding, and illustration. Someone in the office must have a thing for honey, because their logo for Beeloved is a celebration of the amber-colored foodstuff.

You can find a nice selection of Ah&Oh Studio projects on the agency’s website. They also have plans to start blogging so check back for that shortly.

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