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Adam Hansel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Iowa gets a bad rap —  the common perceptions of this Midwestern state is that it is generally flat, overwhelmingly agricultural, and basically void of anything worth traveling to (see: “Flyover State”).  While these may be acceptable generalities to the unknowing casual observer, Iowa is home to beautiful pockets of social and natural landscapes — one of these being the city of Dubuque.  Despite being part of this “Driftless Area” (a term denoting geographic areas of the natural landscape unaffected by glacial drift), this city of Northeastern Iowa is on the move socially, economically, and culturally.  With an naturally hilly terrain, rich architecture, a strong cultural presence, FIVE institutions of higher education, and an economic livelihood that is absolutely uncharacteristic of its Midwestern counterparts, Dubuque is (for all intents and purposes) the bees’ knees.  No surprise here — today’s Featured Face is an incredibly talented artist and illustrator hailing from Dubuque: Adam Hansel of DeadVoltage!

Now residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, Adam (aka DEADVOLT, ASH, and/or ADAMSKI) has exceptional craft in the fields of drawing, painting, illustration, animation, design, print, construction…just to name a few.  As shown in the gallery, Adam has the technical aptitude to perform fantastically realistic charcoal drawings as well as the conceptual acumen to produce highly abstract work.  These skills often go hand-in-hand as an understanding of realism allows you to make a statement with an abstraction, but very rarely do we see such a high level of execution in both arenas.  At times, his handiwork is borderline photographic while at others, loose and incredibly stylized.  We at Ballista Magazine love to see his spectrum of work and expect great things from this native Iowan in the very near future!

Mr. Hansel has remained relatively anonymous despite his incredible skill set but as our loyal audience knows, the exposure of these hidden gems is the primary objective of our humble coalition.  For more of Adam’s work, please visit the DeadVoltage website and store (coming soon!).  We hope you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day with (our without) those special people in your lives!

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