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Adam Flanagan

Brooklyn, New York

Adam Flanagan is a Brooklyn-based creative and the art director at 160over90. Adam studied at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and began his career as a graphic designer for American Eagle Outfitters.  Adam join 160over90 in 2004. Over the span of his still-young career, Adam has worked on a broad range of projects, including identity development, marketing and advertising, packaging, graphic design, web design, and photography.

Adam says that he “enjoys thinking for a living,” which is a great way to describe the role of an art director. An art director thinks about look and feel, brand representation, and the emotional response of color palettes; the high level decisions. In this capacity, an art director leaves his or her thumbprint on every project. As such, a good art director makes their agency look good, and in Adam’s case this is definitely true.

Looking through Adam’s website it is easy to see how he has matured as a designer and grown into the role of art director. Being young designers ourselves, seeing Adam’s work and career path is inspiring, to say the least.

Check out Adam Flanagan’s work at Idea Supply and follow him on Twitter @adamflanagan.

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