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Aaron Miller

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Et tu, Brute?  In a week that lends itself to Gregorian parodies (3.14 was Pi Day, a derivation of the mathematical constant relating a circle’s diameter to its circumference), today is actually a historically relevant anniversary!  According to the calendar, today represents the Ides of March: a day originally dedicated to the god Mars but has since gained notoriety as the anniversary of the brutal murder of Julius Caesar by Roman Senators.  Today’s feature is not politically charged or related to any sort of power struggle, but is incredible nonetheless!  Ballista Magazine is proud to feature one of Cheltenham, UK’s top young talents, Aaron Miller!

With a love of the ocean and a degree from the University College Falmouth, Aaron’s unique style and delivery has the ability to deliver collateral across any genre imaginable.  According to his website, “Aaron is a determined young illustrator with a real passion for character illustration and contemporary styling. His imaginative concepts, understanding of colour theory and overall talent culminate in a really striking, unique illustrative style.” This passion for character illustration is the driving force behind his personable characters which, if seen walking the streets, would be the talk-of-the-town and prime candidates for playful conversation.  What distinguishes these characters is their versatility — Aaron’s characters can whimsically navigate readers through a child’s tale or light-heartedly explain profound sociopolitical issues (as seen in his editorial illustrations).  While a majority of his work is freelance, Aaron is also commercially represented by the fantastic illustration agency known as Handsome Frank (future feature pending!)

As usual, the gallery below can only begin to scratch the surface of Mr. Miller’s stellar portfolio, so be sure to check out some of his other creative outlets for additional information.  These outlets include his personal websiteTwitter feed, and Flickr photostream.  If you find these media feeds leave you wanting, you can always check out Handsome Frank as well!  Stay tuned tomorrow for an extra-special Wednesday feature…

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