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Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania…home of the Dragonfly Festival.  Not only is Conshohoken known in obscure literature lore as being Kitty Foyle’s favorite curse word, it also has significant design relevance as the United States headquarters of IKEA and the world headquarters of today’s Featured Firm 20nine!

Headquartered in this design epicenter, 20nine is a fantastically innovative hybrid agency whose goal is to “develop a clear, concise representation of the brand with the sole purpose of inspiring and soliciting a response from the end user.” We hesitate to brand 20nine as anything more specific because the firm has gone to considerable lengths to subvert the accepted notions of their industry.  For example:

1. They refer to “clients” as “partners”.

2. They see themselves as a “revolution” as opposed to an “agency”.

3. They refer to their portfolio as their “passion” rather than “work”.

4. They refer to their “employees” as “assets”.

All of this specific language used to describe the work (or passion) of 20nine shows that these designers are determined to revolutionize their market sectors which include logo design, corporate collateral, packaging, tradeshow/event planning, web design and applications, social media, mobile marketing, client hosting, and e-commerce.

We are intentionally limiting the gallery of images for 20nine with the hopes that you visit the 20nine website — it is truly one of the more innovative and thoughtful layouts that we’ve come across in our time as a design digest.  The multi-page Flash site is fun to browse, so please make it a point to play around on the site and learn more about this great design “revolution”.  The firm also has Facebook and Twitter pages for your enjoyment!

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