The Heads of State, new website, detail

The Heads of State Rollout New Website

Previously featured firm, The Heads of State, updated their website today, and the design blogosphere is all a flutter with the news. As our dear readership knows the Ballista staff is easily smitten, so here is our two cents. The…
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Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Awards, Lifetime Achievement

National Design Week (October 9–17, 2010)

At the Ballista office the punch bowl is full and our resident iPod DJ is crafting the perfect mix. Why are we going to such lengths? Because it’s National Design Week!

PWTM - To Have and To Hold

Playing With The Moon

This little nugget of lovin’ came courtesy of my beautiful mother — it may be just a simple chain e-mail, but it’s still great to find inspiration in something we see on a nightly basis.  The source of these images…
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Cantakerous Hellfighter - Event Promo Poster

Cantankerous Hellfighter: A Double Dip!

On the eve(s) of this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival and Flatstock 26, the Post Family has compiled a tasty collection of works from “two of the longest names in poster art, Delicious Design League and Aesthetic Apparatus“.  These two Midwest design firms have joined…
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10×10 (Part II)

As promised, today is the second and final installation of our celebratory 10×10 series, which chronicles the first 100 features of Ballista Magazine.  Yesterday, my partner-in-crime brought you his top 10 images — today, it is my turn.  In the…
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10×10 (Part I)

On this day in history, a variety of historically significant events took place — Burr killed Hamilton in their infamous duel, construction started on the Hoover Dam, the first Wimbledon Championship got underway, Althea Gibson was the first African American to…
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GTS - ETL Truck 2

NeoCon’s Guerrilla Truck Show 2010

Chicago, Illinois

On a wet and sticky day in June, the NeoCon World Trade Fair‘s metaphorical “cup” runneth over from the Merchandise Mart to Fulton Market, the site of the 6th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show.  Put on by DIFFA, the mission of…
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Exit Through the Gift Shop

Review: Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

Welcome to Ballista Magazine’s first themed art showcase, Graffiti Week!  This week, we will be featuring some of the top street artists and rogue citizens from throughout the globe as a means to bring overlooked, underappreciated, and misunderstood art into the…
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The Digital Invaders

The Digital Invaders

Saltillo, COAH, Mexico

The Digital Invaders are an educational cooperative located in Saltillo, Mexico. Their website is innovative and engaging; featuring whimsical creatures and top-notch Flash animations.

Rotofugi Gallery - Turnout


This past Friday, Ballista Magazine had the pleasure of attending the Rotofugi gallery opening for Dan Heshka, a Canadian artist drawing inspiration from comic and pulp magazines.  Curated by Monte Beauchamp of BLAB! Magazine, Heshka’s Strange Powers exhibit featured upwards of twenty separate pieces…
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Cycling Design Showcase

In recent years, a veritable cottage industry has sprung up to provide well-designed bicycles; the work of these craftsmen will certainly satiate your need for stylish speed.