2010 World Cup - Switzerland Away

2010 World Cup Football Kits

Quadrennial event such as the FIFA World Cup is a perfect venue to establish a national graphic identity and flex your design muscles on the same pitch as your global neighbors.



Bristol, United Kingdom

The most recognizable street artist working today is an elusive Brit that goes by the name Bansky.

Varanasi, India


Paris, France

Invader creates street art that serves as such a reminder by literally invading public space.

Oliver Vernon - Lifelines

Oliver Vernon

Brooklyn, New York

Oliver Vernon is an American artist from the epicenter of America’s artistic culture.

Don't Tase Me Bro, Anthony Freda

Anthony Freda

Port Jefferson, New York

The illustrations and paintings of Anthony Freda comment on contemporary society while drawing creative inspiration from America’s past.

Rotofugi - Flagship 2


Chicago, Illinois

Rotofugi is classified as a designer toy store; however, they are also heavily vested in the showcase of up-and-coming artists in their gallery series.

Ji Yong Ho - Rhino 2

Ji Yong Ho

New York, New York

Ji Yong Ho has developed a reputation for creating beautiful yet disturbing sculptural pieces using recycled vehicle tires.

All Currency, obverse

Michael Tyznik

Cincinnati, Ohio

Michael Tyznik’s submission to the Dollar ReDesign Project is one of the best American currency redesigns out there.

Rex Holloway - Rogue Status X Bianchi

Rex Holloway + ROGUE STATUS

Los Angeles, California

As the co-founder, co-owner, and artistic director of the cultural phenomenon Rogue Status, Rex Holloway has skyrocketed to the forefront of graphic and fashion design.

David Gunnarsson - Dallas Stars

David Gunnarsson

Vrigstad, Sweden

David Gunnarsson has been professionally airbrushing helmets for over a decade and has accrued a very impressive client list that includes many of the professional goalies starring in the NHL.

Caledonia Curry - SWOON

Caledonia Curry (AKA SWOON)

New York, New York

Swoon is one of the most respected female graffiti artists in a predominantly male art form.

RUX - Cameo Ring

RUX Design

New York, New York

RUX Design is a multidisciplinary design firm located in one of Ballista Magazine’s favorite cities in the world: New York City.

Thunderfoot Derby

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell describes himself as “a professional illustrator working in editorial illustration, concept design, storyboarding and narrative art in some form or another.”

INSA - Heels


London, United Kingdom

INSA has made his mark on the artistic community as a graffiti artist, product designer, graphic designer, and artistic visionary.

Blek le Rat - New York City

Xavier Prou (AKA Blek le Rat)

Paris, France

Xavier Prou, more commonly known by the alias Blek le Rat, is considered among the graffiti community to be one of the (if not the primary) leaders of the European stencil graffiti movement in the 1980s.

Harvey James - Ugly as Possible

James Harvey

Edinburgh, Scotland

Hailing from the great city of Edinburgh (or so I’ve heard, at least), James Harvey has been representing the Scottish capitol city’s art scene with his highly stylized and dynamic characters and illustrations.



New York, New York

Kidrobot really needs no introduction, but we will oblige them anyway: as the the world’s premiere “do-it-yourself” toy and custom apparel company, Kidrobot has brought customizable toys to the cutting edge of design since 2002.