­­Duy Thang Nguyen, E.E.N.C.

Duy Thang Nguyen

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Duy Thang Nguyen (aka Monsieur Lonesome) is a gifted illustrator who lives and works in Montreal, in the English-speaking neighborhood, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Depave - Volunteer


Portland, Oregon

Depave is devoted to the betterment of the urban condition, and promotes the removal of unnecessary pavement from urban areas.

WOOZY - Beautiful Demise


Manila, Phillipines

The WOOZY coalition describes itself as “a premium lifestyle and street wear label with the goal of creating stylish, offbeat and original apparel.”

Flatau - vs.You Army

Florian Flatau

Munich, Germany

Currently based in Munich FLATAU started from humble beginnings, stemming from roots using the moniker SHAWN to his period as THESIGNER to his eventual landing on his current name of FLATAU.

Nate Trapnell - Bury Me in my High Tops

Nate Trapnell

Melbourne, Australia

Nate Trapnell’s work has been described as an “Ed Roth/Asian tattoo artist” mashup.

Matter - Delightoscope MoMA PS1 Entry

Matter Practice

Brooklyn, New York

Matter Practice is an architecture and exhibition design firm located in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York.

LPS - Maryhill

Lead Pencil Studio

Seattle, Washington

Lead Pencil Studio prides themselves on being a “new voice in the emerging field created from the interdisciplinary overlap of architecture and site-specific art”.

JR - Women Are Heroes



JR is a street artist, activist, and the winner of the 2011 TED prize.

Mr. Gauky - Wall 3

Mr. Gauky

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Mr. Gauky describes himself as an Yorkshire-born orphan adopted by a rough-and-tumble gang called “the Slouches” — a group he claims as inspiration.

Superfex - Personal Branding

Claire Latchem (AKA Superfex)

Frome, United Kingdom

Superfex’s design aesthetic that has been described as “‘cute yet professional,” and has been sought after by a wide variety of corporate and independent entities.

Mysteriousal - Pistachio

Mysterious Al

London, United Kingdom

Mysterious Al is an accomplished artist/animator whose powerful characters and skillful execution have garnered a great deal of acclaim on local, national, and international scales.

PHD - Totem Skate Decks Mount

Chris Parks & Pale Horse Design

St. Petersburg, Florida

Chris Parks has demonstrated his artistic versatility through the production of visually-jarring yet elegant work.

Christian Ward, Olympus, cover

Christian Ward

London, United Kingdom

Christian Ward is a freelance illustrator living and working in London. Ward’s work is frenetic and colorful. His unique graphic style draws from art noveau, 1960s fanatasy, manga, and graffiti.

Tokodi - Brooklyn Moss

Edina Tokodi

Brooklyn, New York

Edina Tokodi is, for lack of a better term, an environmental artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. Under the project name Mosstika, Edina has been conducting urban greenery experiments in and around the boroughs of New York since 2006.

Murakami 2

Takashi Murakami

Tokyo, Japan

Takashi Murakami was the lone visual artist on Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” list of 2008.

Frank Espinosa, Timebomb Attack

Frank Espinosa

New York, New York

Frank Espinosa is definitely not an up-and-coming designer. He has served as an art director at both Warner Brothers and Disney. Espinosa has also been nominated for three Esiner Awards and taught mythology, world-making, and character design at MIT in the Comparative Media Studies department.

Chop Logik - Ghost

Russell Alton (AKA Chop Logik)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Russell Alton is a self-proclaimed “good samaritan ninja” hailing from the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada.

CSJ - Angulo

Christian San Jose

Pasig, Phillipines

Despite being our youngest feature by far, Christian San Jose is one of the most talented illustrators featured to date by Ballista Magazine.

ON!D - Illustration 1

OhNo!Doom Collective

Chicago, Illinois

OhNo!Doom Collective likens themselves to a “Wu-Tang Clan for illustrators and designers”.

The Pod Hotel, outdoor garden

JM Rizzi

Brooklyn, New York

JM Rizzi creates street art and paintings that are vibrant and colorful. His line is alive and spontaneous and the murals he creates are bursting with activity.