Cantankerous Hellfighter: A Double Dip!

On the eve(s) of this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival and Flatstock 26, the Post Family has compiled a tasty collection of works from “two of the longest names in poster art, Delicious Design League and Aesthetic Apparatus“.  These two Midwest design firms have joined forces to form the Cantankerous Hellfighter showcase with the sole caveat of being prohibited from showcasing any gig posters at the show — we can assume this caveat is a product of the Flatstock event, which features solely concert posters and is hosted by the American Poster Institute (API).  Let’s take a look at these two fantastic design firms in a little more detail…

From humble beginnings in 2006, Delicious Design League has grown from a two-person screenprinting company (which founders Jason Teegarden-Downs and Billy Baumann likened to a “hobby”) to a multi-faceted design and illustration studio with an impressive client list that includes entities such as Mozilla, LiveNation, Pitchfork, Indiana University, and Got Milk? campaigns.  Specializing in markets such as branding, packaging, identity, web design, apparel, graphic design, and interactive design, DDL has obviously notched a strong foothold in the Midwestern design market with their incredibly varied skills set and chameleonic style.  DDL has accomplished a great deal during its 4-year term, which would indicate that the next logical step would be the American presidential candidacy.  God Bless America!

Design firm Aesthetic Apparatus experienced a similar upbringing than that of its showcase counterpart in that both firms were established by “heterosexual life partners” (as deemed by Post).  Not only is this pretty funny, it indicates a level of comfort and communication between Aesthetic Apparatus’ founding partners, Dan Ibarra & Michael Byzewski —a partnership not unlike the structure of our humble publication of Ballista, but with a lot more talent (haha).  Also similar to DDL,  Aesthetic Apparatus excels in markets such as identity, packaging, posters, print and illustration.  Their work runs the gamut of style, ranging anywhere from distressed vintage to clean modernism.  This amalgamation of styles will be incredibly interesting to view side-by-side and will ultimately lead to an incredibly rich showcase of design.

So…what happens when the “insanely unstoppable” force of Aesthetic Apparatus meets the immovable object of the Delicious Design League?  Well, I guess we’ll find out tonight!  If you have some time tonight, make sure to stop by the Cantankerous Hellfighter show at the Family Room (1821 W. Hubbard St., #202, Chicago, IL) to get your graphic design fix.  If you are not local or otherwise unable to make it out, you can see more from the showcased firms at the locations detailed in the preceding paragraphs.  If you are heading out to the Family Room, make sure to shoot us a line on our Twitter page; hope to see you all there!

Images via Post, Delicious Design League and Aesthetic Apparatus

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