About Ballista

Ballista Magazine is a design digest and a platform for emerging designers to showcase their work. Our mission is to bridge the gap between emerging talent and established firms around the globe.

Ballista Magazine offers commentary on the field of design. Our design digest features the work of an established firm or a design professional every day. We strive to spotlight the hidden gems of the design world, seeking out individuals and firms who are poised to take the design world by storm.

Ballista Magazine hosts competitions that allow emerging designers and smaller firms a chance to compete among their actual peers. Most design competitions favor the extensive resources and staffs found in large corporate firms. It is impractical for emerging designers and smaller firms to commit significant amounts of time and money to these competitions, where the possibility for recognition is low. Ballista Magazine’s competitions are different. Our competitions feature low entry fees, and we select a grand prize winner and 10 finalists for every contest. The grand prize winner receives 50% of garnered entry fees, and all 11 finalists are featured on the website in our prestigious ‘A-List’.

Ballista Magazine facilitates connections between emerging designers and the industry at large. By featuring established firms in our daily design digest we expose emerging designers to current industry trends, and to opportunities (read, potential employers) they may not know about. Similarly, by showcasing young designers and the finalists from our competitions Ballista Magazine provides the industry with a short list of skilled designers who are probably seeking opportunities (read, steady employment).

What is a Ballista?

The ballista is a siege weapon of ancient Greek ancestry that was favored by the armies of the Roman empire. Heavy metal darts or spherical stone projectiles were launched from the ballista using torsion springs for propulsion. At the height of the Roman empire the ballista was a deadly effective and widely feared technological breakthrough. Like many ancient technical advances, the ballista fell out of fashion during the Middle Ages due to a lack of resources and expertise.

We like the ballista metaphorically: as a technological breakthrough that shaped the world, as a means of overcoming obstacles and achieving lofty goals, and as a launching platform and cause for attention.