A Summer Camp Extravaganza Competition UPDATE

The very mention of summer camp can stir up fond memories, or memories you wish you could forget. Nevertheless, summer camp is a formative experience and the first exposure for many former campers to design. You may be asking yourself, “How does summer camp relate to design?” Craft time; that’s how.

Craft time encouraged experimentation and creative growth. For many campers this was their first exposure to design thinking. Campers went home with an improved knowledge of design and often a nice present for their parents.

Now that you’re older and wiser it is probable tough to find time for purely creative outlets and experimentation. This shouldn’t be the case and with Ponoko it doesn’t have to be! Ponoko allows you to design and make anything you can dream up with the world’s easiest making system. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ponoko to present…

A Summer Camp Extravaganza Competition

For more information and official rules head over to the competition page, by clicking the link above.

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