10×10 (Part II)

As promised, today is the second and final installation of our celebratory 10×10 series, which chronicles the first 100 features of Ballista Magazine.  Yesterday, my partner-in-crime brought you his top 10 images — today, it is my turn.  In the spirit of competition, however, I have decided to add an additional element to the equation:  a 10-word description of the featured work!  I’ve always been a fan of the haiku, but a wordsmith I am not.  Without further ado: PART TWO!

Ten favorites for two days and 100 posts and counting…

my 10×10:

1o.  Alphabet Arm Design, Counting Crows Logo – Colorful and balanced mosaic with excellent composition.  More to come.

9. Tobias Wong, I Want to Change the World – Not sure how the binding works, but quite fascinating nonetheless.

8. OhNo!Doom Collective – Digital, yet highly crafted; Odd, yet lovable character.  Tooth Fairy-ish?

7.  Blaine FontanaNatural creatures on natural materials with natural aesthetic…just great!

6. Mark WeaverNew York Times – Simple and honest, great re-imagination of nostalgic icon and culture.

5. James Harvey, Dead or Alive – Great characters with slight case of vertigo…leaning, but profound.

4. Fourfivesix, Beautiful Losers – Told you there were more mosaics!  Great typography and color.

3.  Jans Feliks Kallwejt, SpanAir Illustration – Beautiful, organized, and informative — who wants to go to Barcelona?

2.  Daniel Blackman, Bikers Band – Simple, clean, and just weird enough…bike with a gunrack…

And coming in at Numero Uno:

1.  Thierry Guetta, Recovery Plan – Politics aside, fantastic execution!  One question: Was it Thierry Guetta?

So there you have it — my humble take on Ballista Magazine’s 10×10 series.  While there were some noticeable and deserving omissions from the list, these ten thumbnails are my favorites to date; that said, I will be taking bribes in the forms of money and/or commissioned artwork for my living room.  If you want on the list, you have to pay the piper (haha)!  On a serious note, though…we at Ballista want to sincerely thank our featured designers and ever-growing audience, from the earliest fans to the most recent members of our coalition.  Stay tuned for an even BIGGER Ballista Magazine milestone, set to launch tomorrow evening!  Cheers!

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